Do’s and Don’ts of the Searchroom

We have a few simple rules we require you to follow when consulting original documents in the Searchroom.  This is to prevent damage to unique, irreplaceable material, and also to provide the best possible experience for all researchers.

  If you have any kind of bag with you (including a handbag), please ask a member of staff for a locker key, and leave it in a locker.
  If you wish to make handwritten notes, please use a pencil.  – Should ink get on to a document, it is not possible to remove it.
  Please do not bring food, drink, sweets or gum into the Searchroom.  If any of these come into contact with original material, they can cause irreparable damage.
  We are happy for you to use a laptop or tablet in the Searchroom, but please leave your laptop bag in a locker.  Please note that we do not have the facility for laptop charging.
  Cameras may be used (without flash), but note that there is a charge for taking photographs.  Please ask staff for details.  You are also welcome to use your tablet or mobile phone to take pictures, but please note that we do not allow the use of hand-held scanners.
  Please try and keep conversations to a minimum and not talk too loudly, as this is likely to disturb other researchers.  For the same reason, please either switch off your mobile phone, or have it on “silent”.  If you need to take or make a call, please do so outside the Searchroom.

Please observe the document handling guidelines displayed on the tables, so as not to damage documents.

You can read our full searchroom rules here.