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Take Down Policy

If you are a rights holder and you are concerned that you have not given us permission to publish material on our website you can contact us to let us know.

Every effort has been made to ensure that content made available on the North East Wales Archives website and social media sites does not infringe any person’s rights, or applicable UK laws. If you believe any material used on our websites is in breach of copyright laws or confidentiality; contains sensitive personal data or include content that may be regarded as obscene or defamatory, please contact us in writing stating the following:

  1. Your contact details.
  2. The full details of the material.
  3. The exact and full URL where you found the material.
  4. If the request relates to copyright, provide proof that you are the rights holder and a statement that, under penalty of perjury, you are the rights holder or are an authorised representative.
  5. The reason for your request including but not limited to copyright law, privacy laws, data protection, obscenity, defamation etc.

Our Contact Details:

Email- [email protected]

Upon receipt of notification, we will acknowledge your claim. We will remove the work that is the subject of the claim and investigate, consulting appropriate personnel (including the author, if possible). When we have concluded our investigation, we will communicate our decision to you.