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Photographs and postcards

Visual material such as photographs, postcards, prints and slides appear throughout our collections. Collections can consist of solely photographs but some photographs are enclosed within papers, files and volumes which may not be evident in the catalogue description.

How do I search for photographs within the collections?

The best way to search for photographs is to search for the collection you are interested in initially. For example if you want to know if we have a photograph relating to a specific school, search for the records of that school. Tips on searching the catalogue can be found here.

You can search for photographs within the collections by entering a key word in the search bar which appears at the top of every page. For example you can search for a place name (e.g. Ruthin) and when the search results appear use the left hand menu under ‘Format’ to narrow the search results down to photographs only.

HINT: Please note that not all catalogue entries have a format so this method of searching will not necessarily produce all photographs of Ruthin.

How can I use photographs in my research?

You may request a copy of any photograph within our collection. However, in line with our copying restrictions, the copy will be supplied for personal use only. This means that you cannot use the photograph in any other way including publishing in a book or posting online.

See our copying terms and conditions for further details.

What language are photographs catalogued in?

Photographs are predominantly catalogued in English, however, where index terms are used they are in both English and Welsh.

How can I access these records?

Our main photographic collection has now been scanned and consists of over 16,000 images. We are permitted to publish a proportion of these in line with copyright law. You can search for digitised images within the collection by searching for a parish name in the search bar which appears at the top of every page. You can then use the left hand menu to select ‘images only’ which will narrow down the search results to those with a digital image available only. You will be able to see a thumbnail of the image next to the catalogue entry. If you are registered and logged in, you can click on the thumbnail to order a digital copy of the photograph (£).

You can see a full list of photographic collections arranged by parish held at Ruthin here.

You can see a full list of photographic collections arranged by parish held at Hawarden here.

Hawarden branch have published selection of their photographic collections on Flickr. Please see their Flickr feed here.

You can view other photographic collections in our search-rooms. Book a place in the search-room today.

What records can I find in other archives and organisations?

A number of the postcards and photographs in our collections were created by well-known photographers and websites such as Francis Frith or TuckDB Postcards are useful for researchers.

If you would like to deposit photographs which are significant to the area, please see our guide for depositors.