Deposit your records

Many of the records in our care have been given to us or deposited by members of the public, businesses, organisations and societies. If you have records relating to people or places in and around Denbighshire that you would like to preserve and make available to the public, then you can add to our collections. You can either give us your records as a gift, or deposit them with us on loan.

How do I deposit my records?

If you would like to deposit records please contact us to discuss.

When you deposit records you will need to fill in a depositors agreement form and tell us as much information about the records as you can. This will help us to catalogue and index the collection. You will also need to decide whether to deposit your collection on loan or as a gift.

If you deposit your records with us on loan, they are still your property, and you have the right to withdraw them. There are some terms and conditions that apply to withdrawing records, and these are set out in the Agreement for the donation or deposit of records.

If you give your records to us as a gift, then they become the property of Denbighshire County Council. This means that the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement for the Donation and Deposit of Records do not apply to these records.