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Since March 2020 all volunteering activities across both branches have been suspended due to the Coronvirus pandemic.

During lockdown our staff have been preparing to welcome researchers back to our search-rooms in a way that is safe for both staff and visitors. This has meant that we have reduced the numbers of staff in the office to a minimum and have spaced out staff across the building, using areas of the building which were previously occupied by volunteers. Lower staff numbers and less space has meant that we cannot immediately accommodate volunteers on site. We are hoping to resume volunteer activities as soon as we can safely accommodate and supervise more people.

We are planning to review the following regarding volunteer activities;

  • the types of projects we can offer
  • the number of volunteers we can accommodate and supervise at any one time
  • the pattern of work for volunteers

Virtual Volunteering

In the last few years, we have recruited volunteers who can work from home but this type of work is now coming to an end and we are currently not recruiting for this role.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering with us please email us with your details and we can add you to a mailing list to notify you of volunteer activities in the near future.