Individual Volunteering

We’ve worked with volunteers for many years, most of them individual volunteers coming in to help with a specific projects such as box listing new collections or carrying out research. Some of our individual volunteers have come to us on a work placement as part of a university course.

Pattern of work: To be arranged on an individual basis. For example, this can be a set number of hours per week on a regular ongoing basis, or a placement comprising of a set number of hours/weeks.

Tea and coffee during break time provided

Free car parking provided

Key achievements to date-

There are too many to mention, but here are a few-

  • Box listing of the Richards Solicitors collection consisting of over 7000 items relating to the Llangollen area (due for completion soon).
  • Improving existing catalogues for school collections by researching the history of each school in Denbighshire to create collection-level descriptions.
  • Sorting and packaging of new collections as they arrive.
  • Individual projects such as the enclosure project to enable online access to digital images of Denbighshire’s enclosure maps by using maps to geocode our records.

Why volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers from a range of backgrounds.  You can be any age and looking to learn a new skill or expand your CV, get some work experience, or gain some local knowledge.

Volunteering can benefit you by:

  • improving your IT and other work-related skills
  • providing a sense of being part of a community
  • improving your confidence when looking for a job
  • meeting new people

Volunteering also supports people returning to work after a period of unemployment, by providing training in new skills and experience in new sectors.

Find out more about volunteering in the archives sector.

How does volunteering help us?

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to our work, and they help to support our aims and objectives.

The benefit of having regular volunteers mean that we can allocate specific projects to volunteers with specific skill sets. We try to find something that will appeal to each volunteers which also suits our current objectives.

How to get involved?

If you would like to join the volunteer group please fill in and return our form to or by post.