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Professional Research

It is free to use our search-rooms and we do not charge for general advice about our collections.

If you cannot visit the archives office in person, a member of staff can carry out research on your behalf.

What is a ‘Quick Search’?

If you are not able to visit us we can carry out a single search for you. We charge £5 to look at a single archival record (research time of no more than 15 minutes). This could include;

  • Looking for a baptism in a register for a specific individual over a specified time period
  • Looking at a schools admission register for an individual name
  • Looking at a burial register for an individual burial record

Use our online shop to request and pay for your quick search.

How do I request lengthier research?

You can request and pay for more detailed research (up to 3 hours) using our online shop.

Please be specific when placing your request. For example, a request for information about the birth of John Jones in Denbighshire in the early 19th century would not be feasible as it’s too broad a question. However, a request for information about the birth of John Jones, in Ruthin about 1825-1835 would be possible.

Please prioritise your requirements and we will answer as many questions as possible in the time you want to purchase.

We charge £25 per hour for research with a maximum of 3 hours per customer. This includes a final report of the search and its results with relevant copies, and also some suggestions for further research where applicable.

For lengthier searches, we will contact you to inform you of any further charges. When these are paid we will start the research.

Payment is due when you send us your initial request. If we judge your request to be unfeasible from the outset, we can refuse your request. If this happens, we will refund your payment or offer an alternative service.

Please be aware that research we undertake cannot guarantee results.
We will endeavour to complete your research as soon as possible, but please be aware that during busy periods you can expect a wait of up to 28 working days.