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Caring for records at North East Wales Archives

We aim to preserve all the records in our care forever and keep their contents accessible. For full details of how we care for our records please see our Collections Care and Conservation Policy. Our Conservator is responsible for the preservation of our unique collections for the use of current and future generations, and for applying practical conservation treatments to fragile documents to ensure access.

We care for over 7000 linear metres of records, that is the equivalent length of around 70 football pitches!

We care for our records by:

  • Assessing new collections
  • Monitoring the records in our strong rooms
  • Providing packaging to protect the records
  • Providing advice on handling the records
  • Carrying out specific treatment on records that need it

Our conservation studio at Hawarden branch provides all the facilities to enable in-house treatment for all types of archive documents held at North East Wales Archives. We may clean and repair fragile records or protect stable records if they are part of a popular or significant collection that is likely to be handled a lot. All treatments carried out are to the standards specified in the British Standard BS2971 Parts 1 and 2.

Archive conservation should alter the archival documents as little as possible, and to follow the maxim of minimum intervention. The most suitable methods and materials are used throughout.

We also offer conservation services to external organisations and individuals. Please contact us to discuss a project.

Relevant pages and policies:

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