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Access to Restricted Coroner Records

Coroner records including inquest forms and police reports for all inquest cases are restricted for up to 75 years. This means that the inquest file is not available to order in the search-rooms for 75 years after the date of death.

However there are exceptions to restricted access rules for individuals who have proper interest in the inquiry. This only applies to a relative (a parent, spouse or child of the deceased), an insurer, an executor, the police or anyone deemed by the coroner to have a proper interest. Please see sections below for further information.

What type of coroner’s records are held at North East Wales Archives?

The coroner’s inquisitions, and their related papers, are designated public records, and are held under Section 4(1) of the Public Records Act, 1958 at North East Wales Archives (previously known as Flintshire Record Office and Denbighshire Archives).

We hold the following collections;

The collections include inquest records, notifications of death, statistics and registers of death.

How can I view a coroner’s inquest which is over 75 years old?

Records over 75 years old are open and free to view in our search-rooms. You can also order a copy of an inquest file. See our help pages for further information on how to do this online. We do charge for copies.

How can I view a recent coroner’s inquest dated within the last 75 years?

You will need to contact the coroner directly to request permission to view any inquest file dated within the last 75 years. The coroner’s contact details can be found on their website. When the Coroner has responded granting permission, you will need to contact us with evidence that permission has been granted and you will need to book to view the record.

How can I use coroner records for academic or medical research?

Access to restricted coroner records may be granted to researchers who are carrying out academic research at post graduate level or for medical research.

To apply to use the collection for academic/medical research you must complete and return this form along with a letter of support from your university and/or evidence that you are carrying out medical research. Applications to use the collection will then be considered by staff at the archives alongside the coroner.

Any research papers produced using restricted coroners records must be anonymised.

Please contact us for further information.